ASU Prep Academy High School (Sacaton Hall)

Formerly the Non-Commissioned Officers Club for Williams Air Force Base, Sacaton Hall is now home to ASU Preparatory Academy High School, part of ASU's K-12th grade, tuition-free, innovative public charter school. At ASU Prep, the philosophy is that all students can achieve a four-year university degree. Arizona students are prepared for success with personalized attention in a university-embedded academic program that empowers them to complete college, compete globally, and contribute to their communities. Students become leaders in their communities, work with ASU researchers, compete in robotics, and write a mini thesis. ASU Prep offers a University-infused environment, family and community involvement, a safe and supportive smaller school setting, integrated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) curriculum, sports, physical education, music classes, extended day activities, and more!

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ASU Preparatory Academy High School (Sacaton Hall)ASU Preparatory Academy High School (Sacaton Hall)ASU Preparatory Academy High School (Sacaton Hall)

ASU Preparatory Academy High School (Sacaton Hall), Polytechnic campus