Local Foods Initiative

ASU Campus Harvest, a Facilities Management program to harvest and use the edible food that is grown in the campus arboretum, has partnered with Sun Devil Dining and the ASU Bookstores to provide edible landscaping in campus dining menus. Two of the most abundant crops on the ASU campus are Medjool dates and Seville oranges. Sun Devil Dining has incorporated these ingredients into delicious menu items such as date bars, brownies, Seville orange vinaigrettes and "Devil-ade." Maintained by Arboretum volunteers, students from the Sustainability House at Barrett and the garden club, the Arboretum Herb Garden provides basil, mint, and tomatoes for the University Club, which is one of ASU’s dining establishments. 

There are 8 gardens across all ASU campuses, including the Poly Garden and the Tempe Garden, where students have the opportunity to take gardening classes.

The MU houses a sustainable eatery, Engrained Café. They provide a seasonal menu of locally grown and organic harvested produce, fair trade coffee, cage-free eggs, all-natural chicken, sustainable seafood, and vegan and vegetarian options. 

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