Biodesign Institute - Bldg C

This multi-functional research facility meets the university's growing need for additional laboratory space to secure and perform high-quality research.

Biodesign Institute Building C includes state-of-the-art research support space designed specifically to promote and enable the creation of cutting-edge research clusters. The facility’s design leverages the university’s investment to maximize the opportunities for research growth.

Biodesign C, located just to the east of Biodesign B on the Tempe campus, is a five-story-plus-basement complex. The building includes laboratories, lab casework and office layouts that features maximum flexibility, adaptability, and expansion based on needs.

Biodesign C houses research from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, and the Biodesign Institute. It provides high-quality wet lab space for chemistry, engineering, and the biological sciences.

The building achieved LEED Platinum certification.

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Biodesign Institute CBiodesign Institute CBiodesign Institute C

Biodesign Institute - Bldg. C, Tempe campus