Orange Mall Green Infrastructure Project

As a commitment to the University’s overall sustainability goals, Orange Mall Expansion is the first landscape-based project submitted for Sustainable SITES certification. Located in the core of ASU’s Tempe Campus, the project replaces a former section of roadway and cul-de-sac with a new pedestrian mall and multi-use plaza for programmed events and informal social gatherings by students, faculty and staff. Key sustainable features include:

  • Green stormwater infrastructure
  • Sustainable and resilient landscape
  • Increased human health, comfort and social connectivity
  • Lower operations and maintenance costs

Developed in concert with the adjacent LEED Platinum and emerging Net Zero Student Pavilion, the project utilizes low impact development (LID) techniques to create an integrated sustainable design solution for both building and site. Connected runnels transfer collected building condensate and stormwater from on-site to a series of planted bio-swales and a rain garden for infiltration and as supplemental irrigation. Excess stormwater flows to a second infiltration gallery for use as groundwater recharge. Students will be actively involved in the on-going monitoring of several site performance factors including stormwater quality and flow rates along with monitoring of space utilization and social interactions.

This is the first ASU project to be developed following the SITES criteria and hopefully the second SITES certified project in all of Arizona. Part of the SITES requirements is to conduct landscape performance monitoring, demonstrate education and communication to the public. ASU is working in conjunction with the Design School and the Central Arizona-Phoenix LTER Program to conduct a three year water quality monitoring program.

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Orange Mall Green Infrastructure ProjectOrange Mall Green Infrastructure Project

Orange Mall extension, Tempe campus