Packard Baseball Stadium

Packard Stadium has been the home of ASU baseball since 1974. Packard's existence was made possible through a gift to ASU from alumni Guthrie and Peter Packard. The stadium is a tribute to their late father, William Guthrie Packard, a prominent member of the publishing industry. Packard served the Shepard Company for 51 years, rising from sales representative to president to chairman of the board. He was also active in various community and church affairs in Colorado and Arizona.

Packard has more than 3,000 backed-seats in the main grandstand. Field-level box seats are also available behind home plate. In centerfield is a 30-foot high batting eye wall, nicknamed "The Green Monster," painted green so that the batter standing at home plate 400 feet away can see the baseball coming out of the pitcher's hand.

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Packard Baseball StadiumPackard Baseball StadiumPackard Baseball Stadium

Packard Baseball Stadium, Tempe Campus